Fan love. Who of local stars married fans

Fan love. Who of local stars married fans

How old was Marina Ichetovkina when she decided to marry her idol, Vladimir Levkin, why Vadim Kazachenko has divorced long-time fan of Olga Martynova, one of fans of the Smash managed to win the heart of Vlad Topalov.


The phrase “I’m your fan” most artists is absolutely indifferent, since he hears it several times a day. But sometimes it starts the relationship of fans with their idols and even marriages. Aify talks about girls who since childhood dreamt of becoming the wives of famous people, and sighed over their posters, attend the concerts and one day I could achieve the desired.

Vladimir Levkin and Marina Ichetovkina

The immense fan love Vladimir Levkin had tasted in full measure in the days of his participation in the legendary group “na-na”. Whatever they did fans of the singer to attract the attention of the stars: had to sneak into his hotel room, I lay in wait near the entrance and a black entrance were thrown on stage, underwear, etc. After all these antics, the actor was sure that never in life will bind their fate with the fan, but the plans had to change, when on the horizon, a Marina Ichetovkina.

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Even at 11 years of age, this girl, being under impression of the concert of group “on-On”, said his mother “would marry Levkin”. In the future, love for Vladimir was reflected even in the choice of profession girl, like her idol, has arrived on Director’s faculty, not only in GITIS, and in the Perm Institute of art and culture. Then Ichetovkina stormed Moscow, and of course, arriving in the capital, first went to a concert of the singer, even dared to approach him. But the phrase “I love you eleven years,” the artist is not impressed.

The next time they ran into each other again five years later, and by the time the Marina was called “one foot married” for a dancer Maxim. If not for accidentally meeting with Vladimir fan club, she’d never be Leucinol! And yet, she attended the event, and in the ending the singer asked his new acquaintance to give him a ride home. On the way, they decided to sit in a cafe and broke up in the early morning. Of course, the planned wedding Ichetovkina upset, but he held the other. The third in March 2012, Vladimir and Marina were married. The lovers got married in the Griboedov registry office, and at the end of September of the same year the couple was born daughter Nika.

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The relationship of this pair was devoted to the many esters on Federal channels, but discussed them not wedding Kazachenko with his loyal fan, and their divorce. The future spouses met each other through the Internet forum about in 2006, and several years later started Dating.

At the wedding the bridegroom with burning eyes assured the mother of the bride and all the guests of the sincerity of her feelings for Jane:

I first time in my life getting married so… in love. From your personal desires, not according to circumstances. I’m pretty sure this is the first and last time.

Alas, the hopes of the artist are not met. In 2016, his young wife came to the Studio “Let them talk” and said to the entire country that her husband forces her to get rid of their child, at that time she was on an impressive pregnancy.

After a sensational recognition of Kazachenko in debt left. The singer called his marriage to Martynova guest and made the assumption that the toddler was carrying a girl, not from him. The showdown between the ex-lovers continued after the birth of his son Philip. Still Vadim and Olga are unable to divide property, and the parties do not agree on amount of maintenance. Surprisingly, all the hype did not prevent Kozachenko to arrange his personal life with the Director Irina Amanti, with which he was in an intimate relationship before married a young admirer. Irina forgave the artist for his novel on the side, writing off all of the midlife crisis.