American bride made dress code for guests in accordance with their weight

American bride made dress code for guests in accordance with their weight

And asked not to look at her wedding “like garbage”.


A Reddit user under the nickname Insanepeopleonfb has published a screenshot of correspondence from Facebook, which anonymous bride painted the rules for the guests of your future wedding.

Bride Demands Guests Wear $1k Attire from r/ChoosingBeggars

The most important message was a specific dress code, according to which girls and women up to 72 pounds should be dressed in a green velvet sweater, suede orange pants, “louboutins” and a Burberry scarf. Men (90 kilograms) in a purple furry sweater, white pants and hats.

But people “big” physique will have to “disappear” women more than 72 kilograms are allowed to wear sweater, trousers and shoes with heels in black color only.The newsIn the US the thief stole wedding bridesmaid dress

While the “big” men need to be in camouflage and black sneakers. Do not forget the bride, and about the children — they are head to toe needs to be dressed in red, because the wedding will shape the heart.

And that’s not all: the bride is stressed that the variety of colors and textures need only one “amazing” dance, after which guests are required to change into other, more formal clothing. There’s no special restrictions, except that for the price. The bride said that her luxurious wedding everything must be perfect, and to ensuring that their “cheap” appearance did not spoil the overall picture, outfit, shoes, accessories and hairstyles they have to spend at least a thousand dollars.