The astronomers said, when will the next peak in solar activity

The astronomers said, when will the next peak in solar activity

. MOSCOW, 7 Dec — RIA Novosti. The frequency of solar flares and the likelihood of dangerous coronal emission will be highest in 2024, in the middle of the next cycle of activity lights. Write about the scientists, who published an article in the journal Nature Communications.


Solar activity, as shown by observations over the past four centuries, changing in a cyclic manner with a period of approximately 11 years, during which the number of sunspots on the surface of the disc gradually decreases and increases.

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Abnormally long periods of calm in the Sun, such as the Murderously at least the 17th century and Gallinowski at least the 19th century, associated with cold climate. Accordingly, the increase in the number of outbreaks in the modern era, many astrophysicists associated with global warming.

As the scientists explain, until recently, the Sun was in the phase of so-called “Grand solar maximum”, in which the activity of light was slightly higher than a multiyear average.

However, the current 24-th cycle, which began in January 2008, was a record weak. At one time, astronomers feared that the Orb falls into “hibernation” forever, but the resumption of its activity in 2015 partially dispelled these suspicions.