Russia was the “Motherland” oldest titanosaurs Eurasia

Russia was the “Motherland” oldest titanosaurs Eurasia

MOSCOW, December 6 — RIA Novosti. Scientists found near Ulyanovsk the remains of a large four-legged dinosaur, pointing to the unusually early appearance of titanosaurs in the future of Eurasia and North America. A description and history of the discovery were published in the journal Biological Communications.


“It used to be that the evolution of the titanosaurs took place mainly in South America. The discovery of the remains of vulgarity and terrasave suggests that they were distributed much more widely during the early Cretaceous. Perhaps the important stages of their evolution took place in Eastern Europe and Asia”, — says Alexander Averianov, Professor, St. Petersburg state University.

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Titanosaurs belong to the sauropods — large quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaurs, which are characterized by huge mass, a large number of eggs in the clutch and rapid growth of young animals. The family of Titanosauria is considered among the giant herbivorous dinosaurs of a sort of “dustbin”: it classifies all of the new fossils, which cannot be attributed to other genera of sauropod.

The remains of most titanosaurs, including a record large of argentinosaurus (the giants with a length of 35 meters and a weight of about 90 tons), were found in Patagonia — province in the South of Argentina, where in the past there were conditions under which such large creatures could live and thrive.