Roskoshestvo told how to choose a Christmas tree

Roskoshestvo told how to choose a Christmas tree

. MOSCOW, 7 Dec — RIA Novosti. Roskoshestvo told how to choose a Christmas tree, without harming the nature, and how to care for it, this is stated in the message of the organization.


“As paradoxical as it sounds, but environmentalists advise you to choose for decorating it the living Christmas tree”, — reported in Roccacasale. According to experts, the cultivation of the ten natural Christmas trees in special plantations doing to the environment less damage than the production of one artificial. The damage nature causes only illegal logging, noted in the organization, adding that when you purchase a fir or pine in a specialized point of sales, you can be sure that it is not detrimental to the environment.

Experts recommend buying a tree in a forest, convenience stores, and on the legal Christmas markets:

Often at Christmas markets choose a Christmas tree or pine. It’s a matter of taste and family traditions. Spruce is a classic Christmas beauty with a persistent pine scent. But it has a drawback — it crumbles faster and easier than pine.

The experts also noted that trees are cheaper because grow faster, their long needles remain longer on the branches, but they have their drawback — a large amount of resin.

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When choosing a Christmas tree, experts recommend to pay attention to the branches: they must be flexible and bend easily. You should also look at the stem: it should also be covered with needles. If you break a few needles in the hand, you must have characteristic pleasant aroma. According to experts, if the muzzle is broad, dark border — a tree stand for long.

As noted in Roccacasale, freshly cut tree can stand in the apartment for about 8 days, pine is about 12. “To extend her life, it’s best to keep away from heating appliances and use a special stand with water tank. The water should be timely to pour, and for feeding you can use a specialized tool or a folk recipe: add water to a spoonful of sugar and a crushed aspirin”, — reported in the organization.