In the national Park “Land of leopard” rescued grouse named noodles

In the national Park “Land of leopard” rescued grouse named noodles

VLADIVOSTOK, 7 Dec — RIA Novosti. Employees of the national Park “Land of leopard” in Primorye took to rehab and returned to the wild down the grouse, which is called Doshirak — the name of the noodle box which was a temporary shelter birds, according to the national Park.


“A young male grouse was hit by a car on the road Razdolnoye — Khasan. The bird was still alive, but injured, lost coordination and was unable to fly away from the scene. Catching feathered conscious locals decided to give him a chance at life and gave grouse specialists from the national Park “Land of leopard”, — stated in the message.

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The hazel grouse has suffered a concussion and damaged a wing, with the bones still intact, so the rehabilitation was limited to a short overexposure. A night shelter for the grouse turned out to be a box from the noodles, and the bird called Doshirak.

“By the evening of the first day of the grouse Doshirak began to rebound. He took the water and tried to fly. In the morning, it became clear that the bird recovered and ready to return to the forest. We took her away from the settlements and allowed to fly,” says researcher of the fgbi “Land of leopard” to them. N. N. Vorontsov Petro Sonin.