In Paris close to Louvre Museum and Eiffel tower. Preparing for Saturday’s protests

In Paris close to Louvre Museum and Eiffel tower. Preparing for Saturday’s protests

Eiffel tower and other tourist facilities will be closed on Saturday because of the upcoming stock “Yellow jackets.”


In Paris next Saturday closes many museums and other tourist attractions, including the Louvre and Eiffel tower. Authorities fear new riots during another anti-government actions of the “Yellow jackets.”

The Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe reported that 89 thousand police officers throughout France will be released these days on patrol, and Paris will be on patrol in armored vehicles. The police recommended that owners of shops and restaurants in the Champs Elysees area not to open their establishments.

Last Saturday, the French capital has experienced the worst in many years riots.


The government has agreed to freeze fuel prices, the increase in tariffs which was the original cause of the protests. Nevertheless, the protest gained momentum, and now to the previous requirements of the activists added new.

What does the government say?

The representative of the Ministry of the interior told the Agence France-Presse that authorities were prepared to serious disturbances, which are expected in Paris this Saturday. As it became known, the protesters are preparing to join the representatives of the extreme right and extreme left groups.

In an interview with TV channel TF1, Prime Minister Philip said that in Paris deployed police force, in which 8,000 policemen and dozens of armored vehicles.

Repeating the calling for calm, Edouard Philippe added:

We are dealing with people whose purpose is not protest, and unrest, and we are not going to allow them to carry out their plans.

Earlier, Prime Minister gave to understand that he is ready to make further concessions to protesters, saying in the Senate that the government is open to discuss issues of assistance to the least-paid workers.

How else are preparing for the riots?

Last week during the protests suffered a triumphal arch. The likelihood of riots, on Saturday questioned the safety of visitors of the Eiffel tower.

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Therefore the city authorities are prepared to take additional measures for the protection of important urban facilities and attractions.

Minister of culture Frank Rister reported that the Louvre, the musée d’orsay, the Paris Opera house and exhibition center the Grand Palais, as well as a number of other facilities will be closed.