In Israel found gold coins of the Crusades

In Israel found gold coins of the Crusades

Israeli archaeologists have discovered a hidden 900 years ago the jug with gold coins at the excavations of the ancient city of Caesarea.


A rare find was discovered in the cracks in the wall of the stone house. In the bronze jug was 24 gold coins, and one gold earring.

Apparently, the owners of the treasures were going to go back and get it, but they do it for unknown reasons failed.

Israeli archaeologists say that the owners of the treasures were supposed to be rich people, since each of the coins was equivalent to the annual income of the then peasant.

According to archaeologists, the owners of the coins could be killed after Caesarea was captured by the crusaders in 1101.

The treasure was discovered in the wall of the period of the Abbasid and Fatimid dynasties.

“This is the testimony of one of the most dramatic periods in the history of Caesarea: its conquest by the crusaders,” — said in the message about the opening of the treasures on the website of the Israel antiquities authority.

According to the Chronicles, almost all the inhabitants of Caesarea were killed by the forces of Baldwin I of Jerusalem, who ruled the Holy Land between 1100 and 1118 years.

“We can assume that the owner of the treasure and his family had either been killed or sold into slavery, and was never able to go back and get him”, the head of the archaeological expedition of Peter Gendelman and Mohamed Khatari.

The coins were found near the previous found caches, a bowl of gold and silver coins found in 1960-ies, and a collection of bronze vessels, discovered in the 1990-ies. These treasures are exhibited in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

In 2015, the divers accidentally discovered the largest collection of gold coins on the Mediterranean coast of Israel. At the bottom of the sea lay more than two thousand gold coins thousands of years ago.

The same team of archaeologists that found the gold coins recently found a well-preserved ancient mosaics