In Chelyabinsk city, a bear came and built a lair

In Chelyabinsk city, a bear came and built a lair

Wild bear snuck through the fence closed city of Chelyabinsk Snezhinsk, and made himself a den two kilometres from a busy road. This was reported “URA.RU” the head of the Department of education of the Ministry of environment of the region Vitaly Bezrukov.


“The bear is wild, not the connecting rod. Obviously looking for a place to sleep. Made a den near the town near the boiler, two kilometers from the busy road. Yesterday [4 December] went into hibernation,” — said the official.

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According to Vitaly Bezrukov, regulations require that the animal was caught or put to sleep. Following the meeting at city hall it was decided to guard the den all winter.

“The municipality put up near the cave for Spartaki that there bear. Hunters will make the camera traps. So that people not went to take pictures and didn’t Wake up the bear, will be organized patrolling the perimeter. Experts say that bear until spring will sleep, if it wakes. And in the spring he organized a corridor so he returned to the forest,” — said Vitaly Bezrukov.