“Yellow jackets” rejected a proposal by the French authorities measures

“Yellow jackets” rejected a proposal by the French authorities measures

The protesters demand that taxes on petrol and fuel is canceled.


Representatives of the “yellow jackets” have rejected Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe moratorium on increase of taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel for six months. The protesters demand that taxes canceled, said Benjamin Cauchy, whom the media referred to as one of the official representatives of the movement “yellow jackets.”

“We want to repeal the tax increase on fuel… the Moratorium is disguised as a political insult and mockery of the French, because in six months the tax will be back,” said Cauchy in the air of BFM TV.

The representative of the movement of the “yellow jackets” in the French Department of Val-d’oise Laetitia Duval stressed that French authorities need to deal with the redistribution of income. “France is not a poor and rich country. The authorities need to increase taxes for those with higher income,” she said. Duval stressed that the President of France Emmanuel Makron “is still not deigned to speak to his people.” According to her, the French feel the contempt of the President to the people.

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Another representative of the protest movement, Eric Drouet, said that after the government’s proposed measures, the anger of the people has not diminished. “These measures are unpersuasive. All that we have received from the authorities, is the suspension of taxes. The government is very far from what happens to the people. That is too long to wait and hope that the government will react. We have to get out on the streets. They will continue as long as there is no real change,” he said.

Earlier on 4 December, Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe announced that the government has imposed a six-month moratorium on raising taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel. In this step, the authorities went after mass protests against rising prices at the gas station. In addition to gasoline, for the winter period of frozen prices for electricity and gas. According to the Prime Minister, the government heard the people’s outrage and chose to make concessions.