The Network has ridiculed the double standards for “Maidan” in France and Ukraine

The Network has ridiculed the double standards for “Maidan” in France and Ukraine

MOSCOW, 5 Dec — RIA Novosti. Mass protests of the “yellow jackets” in France provoked a mixed reaction in Ukraine. The scenario of unrest similar to the events that took place in 2014, but the Ukrainian activists “Maidan” not rushing to support the protests in France, and sometimes even their criticism, despite the fact that on the arc de Triomphe in Paris reads “Maidan 2018,” writes


The protests of the movement “yellow jackets” which are, in particular, against the increase in gasoline prices that began in France on November 17. During the riots that gripped Paris, was arrested 412 people. Injured during the protests got 133 people, including 23 security men.

Social media users have already pointed to the double standards and suggested that the blame for this “cult of Macron”, which represents hope for Europe and, therefore, against him to be with you.

“By the way, where the deep concern of the state Department and the EU about what is happening in Paris? There’s also the “bloody macron” civil society disperse with water cannons and tear gas. And constantly be beating the “onizhedetey.” When there Makron will sign an agreement on early presidential elections? One disturbing for democracy…” — ironically in Facebook by political analyst Dmitry Korneychuk.

The lawyer Tatyana Montyan remembered how the French authorities supported the Maidan in Kiev — and now dispersed her protests.