Michael Flynn told investigators details of the talks with the Russian Ambassador

Michael Flynn told investigators details of the talks with the Russian Ambassador

Robert Mueller recommended the release from detention of former assistant to the President for homeland security.


The former assistant to the President for national security Michael Flynn gave the result of “significant” information about the team contact Donald trump with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. In this regard, the special Prosecutor Robert Muller recommended Mr. Flynn’s release from custody and to elect for him the minimum possible punishment. The petition sent to the court two weeks prior to the scheduled sentencing.

Spectacular on the “Russian intervention” Robert Mueller recommended on Tuesday to release from-under guards Michael Flynn for his cooperation with the investigation, the petition of spectracolor filed Tuesday in the court of the capital of the district of Columbia.

The document, which quoted the news Agency says that the Prosecutor recommends to Mr. Flynn “a more lenient sentence, which does not imply imprisonment”.Newsthe White house has deepened the conversation of the FBI

Michael Flynn was forced to resign in February last year, a month after taking office, U.S. President Donald trump. Assistant of national security was accused that he was not fully informed Vice President Michael Pence of the interview with Sergey Kislyak, which became known from wiretapping phone Ambassador. Original Michael Flynn presented a different version of the conversations, and the FBI accused him of lying. In early December last year, former assistant to the President admitted in court guilt of perjury. He faced up to six months in prison.

“The defendant has provided the first-hand information on the content and context of the interaction between the transitional staff (trump) and representatives of the government of Russia,” TASS quoted the contents of the document of the office of spectracolor. The main part 13-page document is devoted to the events of December 2016, when Donald trump has been elected President of the United States, but has not yet assumed office.

The document provides examples of “interaction on the two sensitive issues of” Michael Flynn, Sergei Kislyak, who at that time was the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. vote in the UN security Council on a resolution on an immediate cessation of Israeli settlement activity on the West Bank of the Jordan river, as well as the introduction of the administration of former President Barack Obama’s sanctions and other measures against Russia for its intervention in the elections in 2016.

As the Israeli newspaper ha’aretz, the Obama administration wanted to abstain on the resolution on Israeli settlement activities, and transition team Donald trump decided to find out whether Russia to veto a UN security Council resolution. According to the newspaper, the decision to make contact with Russia was made after a request by senior Israeli officials.

NewsGeneral Flynn: a confession to a former adviser to trump

The case of Michael Flynn is part of the investigation of the relationship of the administration of Donald trump with Russia. In particular, last week the former lawyer of President Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to tax evasion, providing false information to the Bank, financial irregularities during the election campaign and making false statements to Congress. He said that the work on realization of the project of real estate the Trump Organization in Moscow was terminated in January 2016, whereas in fact it lasted until June 2016, that is, after Donald trump became a candidate for President from the Republican party. After signing Michael Cohen of a plea deal, the US President called him a weak man and a liar. On Monday, he urged the court to give his ex-lawyer “comprehensive and complete” the sentence.

On Monday, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov told the students of MGIMO details contact Michael Cohen with the Russian authorities and categorically denied the assumption about the influence of Moscow on the US President Donald trump. “It was 6 or 7 January, we got on a public address appeal, which Cohen wrote that he wants to make contact with Sergey Ivanov (it held a post of the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation)”, — said Dmitry Peskov.

According to Mr. Peskov, in a letter to Michael Cohen told me that he wants to establish business contacts with Moscow, to build the Trump Tower, and asked one of the employees of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation, speaking in English, to contact him by phone.

“We receive a huge number of similar appeals are investors, entrepreneurs, journalists from different countries of the world. We try to react”, — said the press Secretary of the President. He added that in response to a letter to the American lawyer has offered to build business connections at the business forums, as “the administration of the President of the house does not build”. A Kremlin spokesman assured that no other contact with Cohen was not.

“It’s actually a witch hunt that doesn’t exist” — so in General, he described the “Russian investigation” spectracolor Mueller, press Secretary of the President of Russia.