Media reported that Constantinople will not give the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church

Media reported that Constantinople will not give the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Church

Moscow. 4 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — the Charter of “one local Church” by Constantinople, does not involve creation of autocephaly, which is expected in Kiev, writing on Tuesday, the Ukrainian “Vesti”.


Referring to its sources, the publication presents the main points of this Charter, from which it follows that to talk about independence (autocephaly) of the new structure is not necessary — rather it is a complete submission to Constantinople (and this is a different status, “metropolis”).

“It seems that independence of the new structure, which is going to create in Ukraine, the Patriarchate of Constantinople, will be much lower than the current canonical independence of the Ukrainian Church,” he wrote on this occasion, the head of the Synodal Department for Church and society and the media Vladimir Legoyda in his telegram channel.

According to “News”, among other important points covered by the Charter, the Ukrainian Church is “inextricably linked” with the Patriarchate of Constantinople, and through him with all the other Churches (that is, it does not differ from the situation with the current situation of the UOC, which is associated with the Orthodox world through the ROC).

The head of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine can only be a Metropolitan and not a Patriarch.

Bishops ‘ Council of the Church prescribed for all global issues to communicate with the Patriarch of Constantinople, and that, in response to the appeal will be reported to Council “necessary”. Also, according to the publication, in paragraph there is a clause stating that Constantinople should not have to explain their decisions.

In addition, the future of the Ukrainian Church will receive chrism used in the sacraments only from Constantinople, which is one of the main signs of this lack of autocephaly.

“Single local Church” will not be able to canonize its saints, and will submit their names to Constantinople for approval.

Finally, the Patriarchate of Constantinople, under the Charter, becomes the highest appellate structure. This means, for example, that the Bishop, which is banned in the service, was deprived of the Department or apply other sanctions, has the right to appeal to Constantinople with the appeal, that is, the Ukrainian Church will not have independence even in regard to internal disciplinary decisions.