In Sarov, found the grave of the hero of the Patriotic war of 1812

In Sarov, found the grave of the hero of the Patriotic war of 1812

In Sarov, found the grave of the hero of the Patriotic war of 1812, General Poluektov, according to a press release from the Institute of archaeology Academy of Sciences received by the editors N+1. He was buried in the necropolis of the Church of zoodochou pigis, of one of the temples of the Sarov Hermitage.


Boris Poluektov (1779-1843), General of infantry, was a member of the Patriotic war of 1812 and a hero of the battle of Borodino. Parents in the childhood recorded it in the life guards Preobrazhensky regiment. In 1805 he joined the regiment participated in the March to guard against the French forces and participated in the battle of Austerlitz. During the battle of Borodino, in the rank of Colonel, Poluektov temporarily commanded the Preobrazhensky regiment, which was in the main reserve. During the campaign of 1813-1814, he participated in several battles and came to Paris.

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During the field season of 2018 staff of the Volga archaeological expedition carried out the rescue excavation of the temple of zoodochou pigis before it is recovered. The Church was on the territory of the Sarov Hermitage and served as a winter Church. It was built in the middle of the XVIII century, and in 1954 it was blown up. During excavations adjacent to the Church of the necropolis, researchers found a tomb, and in it the twin burial of men and women. In the grave men of the fragments of his uniform with epaulettes. On the right hand of each of the dead, the archaeologists found a gold wedding band engraved with the inscription: “L. F. K. G. B. V. P. Nov 4 day 1817.” on the man’s hand, and “P. B. V. L. F., C. G. Nov 4 day 1817” — on the woman’s hand.

After analysis of these finds and archival documents, researchers were able to determine that the crypt was buried B. V. Poluektov and his wife Princess Lubov Gagarin (1793 — 21 April 1862).

From archival materials provided by historian of Sarov by Valentine Stepashkina, we learned that the altar was buried the General with his wife. And when one of the brick crypts we found a fresh grave, rings with the acronym and the remains of the General’s uniform, we were able to say with certainty, it belongs to the General of infantry Boris Vladimirovich Poluektov and his wife Princess Lubov Fedorovna Gagarina.Sergei Milovanovic Volga archaeological expedition

Ekaterina Rusakova