In Europe considering the expansion of anti-Russian sanctions

In Europe considering the expansion of anti-Russian sanctions

Diplomats in the European Union will discuss the introduction of additional anti-Russian sanctions in connection with the incident in the Kerch Strait. The new restrictive measures can be imposed after a meeting of the EU Council, which will be held on December 10, says RBC.


In particular, the diplomats will discuss issues related to “actions that undermine the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine”.

As reported, November 3, in the register of laws of the European Union made a proposal on the extension of the sanctions list on the basis of the approved in the 2014 regulations. The document gives the Council the right to make changes in the sanctions list due to situation in Ukraine. Included in the list of citizens will be restricted entry to the territory of the European Union and their funds in the EU will be frozen.

Earlier Ukraine offered to impose new sanctions against Russian citizens and companies.

25 Nov border Department of the FSB of Russia detained in the area of the Kerch Strait, three ships of naval forces of Ukraine — boats “Berdyansk” and “Nikopol” and the tug “Yana Kapu”. Ukrainian soldiers crossed the Russian border, did not respond to requests to stop and began a dangerous maneuver. In Russia considered the incident a provocation.

Kiev has described the situation as an act of military aggression and imposed martial law in several regions of the country for 30 days. Ukraine does not recognize the affiliation with Russia Crimean Peninsula and sea territory around it.