In Cuba, Thursday will work for mobile Internet

In Cuba, Thursday will work for mobile Internet

Moscow. 5 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — the Inhabitants of Cuba this week will have the opportunity to use mobile 3G Internet, informs on Wednesday Agency Associated Press.


It is expected that mobile Internet in the whole of Cuba will work from Thursday. In order to connect to a network requires a mobile phone supporting 3G.

The Agency notes that prior to this, the Cubans had access through mobile phones only to electronic mailboxes.

The new service will cost roughly 10 cents per megabyte for mobile Internet, but there is a ready package — 500 MB for $7 or 4 gigabytes for $30.

In 2017 in Cuba were allowed to have home Internet, but then were hundreds of access points Wi-Fi in parks and shopping malls across the country. Meanwhile, Cuba remains one of the States with the most narrow level spread of the Internet.

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