“Yellow jackets” made with France

“Yellow jackets” made with France

Mass protests in France paralyzed the movement, led to looting, vandalism, and death of at least four people. Nevertheless, people continue to take to the streets to speak out against raising taxes on motor fuels and the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron, and the current government. In the next few days in the French National Assembly and the Senate will discuss the issue of exit from a crisis situation.


80-year-old woman died in Marseilles after protesting in her face came a tear gas grenade. It is reported by channel BFMTV, citing sources.

The local resident died on Sunday. She closed the shutters of his apartment when she was hit by a grenade. According to the Prosecutor of Marseille Xavier Taraba, the woman died due to “operating shock”. Informed as a result of mass riots killed three more people.

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On November 17 in France, there are protests because of rising fuel prices. Over the past year, diesel fuel in the country has risen by 23%, diesel by 15%. At the beginning of this year, the government raised the tax per liter of diesel fuel is 7.6 cents and 3.9 cents per litre of gasoline. In January 2019 it will grow by 6.5 and 2.9 cents, respectively. Officials believe that such a provision would encourage the French to abandon personal vehicles in favor of public transport or cars with motors that will improve the environmental situation in the country.

Such changes do not like a lot of French.they wore yellow reflective vests for motorists and took to the streets to demand the resignation of the government and the President of France Emmanuel Makron.

Protesters block roads, gas stations and shopping malls. The first protest was attended by about 280 thousand people across the country. Since then, they began to pass each day, reaching a peak on Saturdays.

1 Dec demonstration in Paris escalated into riots. “Yellow jackets” built barricades on the Champs Elysees, breaking traffic signs, throwing stones at law enforcement officers and burned tires.

Newsthe Walls are painted, the exhibits are divided: protesters destroyed a Museum the arc de Triomphe in Paris

In response, police used water cannons and tear gas. Also there were cases of vandalism inside the triumphal arch was destroyed the Museum and its exhibits smashed and painted with paint. The protesters left on the monument inscriptions calling for the resignation of the President of Macron.

The result of Saturday’s riots were detained more than 400 people. About 130 people were injured, among them 23 guards. According to Paris city hall, damage from the protests of December 1, amounted to more than €3 million.