“Yellow jackets” defeated the arc de Triomphe in Paris

“Yellow jackets” defeated the arc de Triomphe in Paris

Protesters of the “Yellow jackets” broke into the Museum premises the arc de Triomphe in Paris and ruined several items. The head of the French center of national monuments reported the incident on Twitter.


The protesters broke the statue of Napoleon, broke the pattern, drew on several exhibits. The damage caused to the Museum, is estimated at one million euros. After the incident, the management decided to close the arc de Triomphe until the riots in Paris.

In the Internet appeared the video, as vandals destroy historic heritage.

During yesterdays #GiletsJaunes protests in #Paris #France, radical groups among the #YellowVests severly damaged historical artifacts inside the @ArcDeTriomphe.

The groups also plundered the interior of the famous monument.pic.twitter.com/9WLds05Ow5

— EHA News (@eha_news) 2 Dec 2018

LoPARIS CLASH: Newly released police body camera footage shows heavily armed officers and protesters squaring off at the Arc de Triomphe Saturday, with more than 130 injured and 400 arrests during demonstrations over rising taxes and the high cost of living in France. #paris pic.twitter.com/khkhxX9RYL

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When you feel a migraine coming on #ArcDeTriomphe #Marianne pic.twitter.com/99c1P5uWWh

— Rob (@rrob_1987) 2 Dec 2018

The riots in France are continuing since mid-October. The discontent of inhabitants of the country brought news of the tax increase on gasoline. This action was called by the clothes the protesters, facing the street in reflective vests as drivers.