The Kremlin confirmed the meeting of Putin and Maduro in Moscow

The Kremlin confirmed the meeting of Putin and Maduro in Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday will meet in Moscow with President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, confirmed today to “Interfax”, Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov. The leaders of the planned talks, said the representative of the Kremlin.


Tonight Maduro announced that serving on a visit to Russia. “We now fly to the Russian Federation to expand and strengthen diplomatic relations and friendly ties between the two brotherly countries,” he wrote on Twitter.

The President of Venezuela announced that “intensive and very important meeting with President Putin,” which will be treated as bilateral issues and topics concerning the “construction of a multipolar world”.

Two weeks earlier in the Venezuelan capital Caracas was visited by CEO of Rosneft Igor Sechin. He discussed with Maduro delays in deliveries of oil in repayment of the loan, Reuters reported. This non-public visit, the Agency was regarded as one of the “obvious signs of tension between the crisis-ridden Venezuela and its key creditor Russia.”

Since 2006, Russia and Rosneft gave Venezuela at least $17 billion of loans. The state oil company PDVSA gradually repay these debts, but commitments prevent economic crisis. Oil production in Venezuela this year fell by 37% compared to last year to 1.17 million barrels per day. Inflation in the country can reach 1 300 000% this year.

Last personal meeting with Putin, Maduro was in Moscow in October 2017.