The Duma passed the law Spring on the fight against “the Columbine community”

The Duma passed the law Spring on the fight against “the Columbine community”

Moscow. 4 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — the state Duma on Tuesday adopted in the third final reading the law on the measures against websites inciting children to suicide or crimes.


The law expands the list of information prohibited for distribution among children, include information encouraging children to commit acts posing threat to life and health of other persons or aimed at inducement or other children engaging in such acts.

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According to the law, the basis for inclusion of information in the register of banned sites will be the decision of the authorized body of Executive power in relation to distributed online information.

The act reduces the period within which the owner of the website received from the hosting provider information to include the website in the register of banned sites, is obliged to remove the corresponding web page, as well as the period during which the hosting provider must restrict access to this website in case of inactivity of the owner of the website. It must be done immediately, not during the day, as it is provided now.

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According to the initiator of this act of the Vice-speaker Irina Yarovaya, in 2017 was instituted 200 criminal cases in connection with the involvement of children in the “group of death” and “the Columbine community”, and 1.5 blocked thousands of websites and hundreds of thousands of publications.

“We as legislators in this case, give our law enforcement is a proven and effective tool to not just protect, and lead the Commission of crimes, because the responsiveness is just the impossibility of the inclusion of more and more juvenile in any criminal activity,” said Spring.