Scam with a beard. Don’t become a victim of Santa Claus — crooks

Scam with a beard. Don’t become a victim of Santa Claus — crooks

Amazing stories of people duped bearded crook and his slicker-companion.


Before the New year less than a month. This means that very soon the streets will be thousands of Grandfathers and snow maidens — to congratulate the children with the upcoming holidays. But with professional actors on the street in costumes of fairytale tandem will come out and professional speculators who try to profit at the expense of waiting for the feast of the citizens.

How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud with a beard, Aify says on example real-life stories.

Santa Claus in payment claims to the North pole

The cost of “Grandpa call” depends on several factors — time of day of the visit of Grandfather Frost and/or snow Maiden, the number of fairy tale characters who come to visit, from dates (the closer December 31, the more expensive), from the Executive Director (commercial firm or the private owner). The latter just hides the risk.

NewsAccording to the letter of deceit

Sites free ads Santa Claus — the owner asks for their services, one and a half times less than his colleague from the Agency. And in December, we all know this, a very costly month — and gifts, and Christmas table, and festive costume. Of course, I want to save.

Our reader Marina Aleeva from the Tula region decided to save on the services of a fabulous couple for their children two years ago the girl in the ad with a low price tag. Father Frost with the snow Maiden can be booked for 1,500 rubles an hour straight on new year’s eve, while competitors were asked twice. Marina contacted the young man who had to greet her sons, okay, how to give him gifts for kids and how to pay for his services:

Decided that Santa Claus will come to us for two hours. I transferred to their cards in advance — 1,500 rubles. And before the New year forgot all about it. And when December 31 I called him, his phone was switched off. I immediately realized that I was divorced, and apparently I’m not the only one. Children had to say that Santa Claus came while they were sleeping, and leave presents under the tree.

Every year the CPS and law enforcement agencies warn of growing fraud, putting on the costumes of Santa clauses.

Experts say that running into scams, you can not only free ads but also contact seemingly quite legal firm that will be nothing more than a one-hit wonder:

People are turning into the first firm sign a contract, pay in advance, but on the appointed day nobody comes, the phone company is broken, agreement forms — false, and the firm is unregistered.

In Rospotrebnadzor advised to carefully study the market of services of entertainers, be sure to read reviews online, ask for recommendations from friends. And, of course, carefully examine the contract for services — if Santa Claus from legal firm does not fulfill its obligations, this agreement can apply to the territorial Department of Rospotrebnadzor for the protection of their rights.

“Stray” Grandfather frost and snow maiden

But it happens that the Grandfather frost and snow maiden come when they were not invited. The scheme for decades — closer to midnight “stray” fairy-tale characters came to the apartments of wealthy citizens of the Soviet Union. And to the question: “who are You? We did not call you”, the couple answered: “Sent from the Union”. And the Union is sacred. And father frost with the snow Maiden took place in the housing of the Soviet elite. Of course, these were not trades unionists, and the most common burglar. They go in our days, however, seem not Union workers, and volunteers. A few hours before the New year descended to the Muscovite Irina K.:

Said neighbor Lena, so I let him go, we have two neighbor Lena. Santa Claus from vodka refused, I immediately imbued with respect that doesn’t drink at work. I then realized that he didn’t want to remove the beard that we saw his face. My daughter got a cheap chocolate bar. And the next day I found that out of the bag was gone purse — bag just stood in the corridor.

The calculation of the burglar is very simple, now that forty years ago, a couple of hours before the chimes have grown tipsy, the child carefully reads the poems Grandfather and the snow maiden this time collects it, that is bad. Attackers don’t even have to hide from security cameras or concierges — who would suspect entertainers in the crime?

Not to remain without money and valuable things, just do not let the apartment strangers, especially if you don’t see them.