Found a previously unknown cave

Found a previously unknown cave

In British Columbia, Canada, discovered a huge cave. Surprisingly, despite its size, the cave is probably long remained not noticed by people.


The cave was nicknamed the Sarlacc Pit after the monster of the universe of “Star wars.” The cave was accidentally discovered at the territory wildlife Park, wells gray (Wells Gray Provincial Park) in British Columbia, Canada. The cave is absolutely enormous, says Katherine Hickson (Hickson Catherine), specialist, participated in the expedition to her in the September edition of Global News.

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Yet the official name of the cave is not received. It was first spotted in April from a helicopter, when they made a count of the caribou. The researchers note that this is “cave of national importance… important new discovery in Western Canada”.

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Surprisingly, the cave had not been detected previously. Especially given its size: thus, only the entrance to it is a length of about 100, and a maximum width of about 60 meters. “I’ve been in some of the largest caves on Earth, and the entrance to this (“new” — approx. ed.) is really huge, not only by canadian standards,” says Jon Pollack (John Pollack), one of the participants in the September expedition.

But then again, if this cave is so big, how does it escape the attention of researchers earlier? According to Hickson, the area where is located the cave before (about 20-50 years ago) was a year-round covered with snow. With this in mind, as well as the inaccessibility of the territory, Hickson suggested that perhaps only now people have the opportunity to find a giant cave — before she was able to remain hidden from human eyes.

However, while this is nothing more than a hypothesis. To learn more about the cave and its history, the researchers consulted, in particular, with the indigenous people — trying to find out is there any mention of the cave in their records. At the moment, however, no mention scientists have found.

Yet researchers have failed to carefully examine the cave. Another expedition to it 2020 — perhaps, then, the experts will be able to obtain more information about this cave. “Even at the present time, when we think that we know everything and explored every place we may be surprised,” notes hixon.