Concert Director Rotaru explained her refusal to tour in Russia

Concert Director Rotaru explained her refusal to tour in Russia

Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru decided to withdraw completely from all performances in Russia, because they do not want to risk their health, shaken in late summer. This was told the concert Director, artist Igor Korelev.


“Well why not? First, health. Secondly, well you know what events are happening between Ukraine and Russia. The borders are closed, the military situation”, — quotes its words of the Fifth channel.

Also the representative of Rotaru is confirmed that this year the actress will not appear in any Russian TV programs — no “Song of the year” nor in the “Golden gramophone”.

Martial law introduced in Ukraine until December 26 in connection with the incident in the Kerch Strait. Also Kiev was denied entry into the country men from Russia aged 16 to 60 years.

According to musician Yuri Vines, do not blame the Kremlin for refusing to come to Russia, because she did it “not for ideological reasons, but because of the possible consequences.”

25 Nov in the Kerch Strait, three ships of the Ukrainian Navy invaded the historic territorial waters of Russia in the Black sea. The requirements of the FSB border guards stop Ukrainian ships did not react and continued to make dangerous maneuvers. The Russian military had to use force to stop them. All the sailors were arrested, they were charged with trespassing.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the Kerch проливе3, decaborate explained why military ships of Ukraine sent across the Kerch пролив3 Dekabristov called absurd the words Poroshenko about Russian plans to capture Mariupol and Бердянск3 decabrachia moved army units to the border with Russia