Lukashenka him about the times with the ability to turn away

Lukashenka him about the times with the ability to turn away

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated about the uselessness of the country led him to the West. He told about it in interview to TV channel “Russia 24”, a fragment of which was shown on TV channel “Belarus 1”.


“If you deeply comprehend the subject and, you know, without propaganda and politics, without a hint that there Lukashenko turned to the West, I understand that Belarus with Lukashenko in the West is absolutely not necessary”, — explained the head of state.

He stressed that his country can become interested in the West, only when it appears “another power”.

Lukashenko added that Minsk’s desire to cooperate with Western countries does not mean changing course of the country. According to him, this desire does not mean that “we are there from someone somewhere turned their backs.” “You know, for me, it must have taken a while, when I’ve been able to turn away” — he complained.

On November 24 Lukashenka urged officials to work well, so in the upcoming elections “in people’s minds even there was no alternative”. The day before he lashed out at the government due to the outflow of Belarusian construction workers abroad.

Rapprochement of Belarus with Europe began to speak after Minsk began to play an important role in resolving the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The European Union withdrew from Belarus, the majority sanctions the political and economic nature.