Group IC3PEAK was released from the police, their concert will take place

Group IC3PEAK was released from the police, their concert will take place

Police released the band members IC3PEAK from office in Novosibirsk, and now their concert will be held. About 1 December the correspondent of RTVI.


Members IC3PEAK detained December 1, at the train station in Novosibirsk. The team Manager Oleg Mitrofanov said that one of the band members, Nikolay Kostylev “tied in handcuffs and taken away”. The cause of the detention, the police were not called.

Later in the Internet appeared the video, which was shot by a member of the group Anastasia Kreslina. It police take away Kostyleva. Creslin asks questions to law enforcement officers, but they do not respond. The publisher “media zones” Pyotr Verzilov in his Twitter wrote that the security forces threatened the Manager of the group “plant drugs”.

28 Nov IC3PEAK the concert in Novosibirsk was canceled, so the organizers had to look for a new site. Before the group broke the concert in Perm. According to participants of IC3PEAK for them all over town drove a car with the FSB. The group’s concert in Krasnoyarsk, which was scheduled for December 2, is also canceled.

Over the last month in many cities of Russia cancelled the concerts of several artists and groups. In Krasnodar rapper Husky after the collapse of the speeches was detained and gave him 12 days of administrative arrest, but released three days later, at the request of lawyers. In support of rappers Oxxxymiron, and Basta, Noize MC, spent in Moscow, the concert entitled “I sing my music”.