The cat failed Canadians when launching homemade rockets (video)

The cat failed Canadians when launching homemade rockets (video)

Just he had his own plans.


25-year-old video blogger from the canadian city of Alberta Stephen Robinson leads on YouTube channel How to Learn Anything (“How to learn anything”).

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In their commercials, Stephen learns to make robots to pick locks and a lot more. One day he came up with the idea to teach a cat to launch a homemade rocket. At first he wanted to do it with the dog, but the task seemed too easy — as you know, cats are more willful and harder to train.

Newsin the form of: “swinging press” the cat took video

Consulting with experts, Stephen began a two-month course of training of a cat named blue. The animal team had to press the red button and get a snack. Eventually blue realized he should do for food and agreed to follow the instructions.

The blogger thought that the job is done: quickly built a rocket, “command post” for the cat, and began to shoot video. But at the crucial moment blue changed my plans and instead press the red button, then collapsed on his back and began to roll from side to side.

Shaggy had to be persuaded with all the same Goodies. In the end, the missile could be launched only on 22 attempts.

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