Parades and the feud with China: the good life latest God of Africa

Parades and the feud with China: the good life latest God of Africa

The small African nation of Eswatini — latest the state of Africa, not inferior to the pressure of a powerful China. It holds the recognition of Taiwan as one of the basic concepts of its foreign policy. The reason is not powerful ideological principles of the secret, as it often is in the sphere of the financial interests of the king-screwball.


“” understood how to live the last absolute monarchy of Africa.

Dressed in a traditional outfit, Eswatini king Mswati III, surrounded by a retinue slowly comes up to the center podium, standing in front of an open field. Jubilant tribune welcomes the rampant monarchs. All the light asiatische society and the diplomatic corps are already waiting for the king. Slowly climbing and sitting comfortably on the podium, Mswati waved his hand, the procession can begin.

The newsNoodles instead of Kalashnikov. As China seized the former “Soviet” Africa

Discordant series, dancing on the field starts to move a huge caravan of tens of thousands of half-naked girls and girls who wish to become the next wife of the king. In the hands of each — bundles of reeds and knives, symbolizing purity and chastity. So begins live television coverage of the traditional holiday “Umhlanga” — the symbol of Eswatini.

For three hours the operator carefully shows all the advantages of figures of young beauties, which are the pride of the country.

However, some of the national pride will remain behind the scenes — for example, the exclusive Maybach king, on which he traveled to the place of celebration. In Eswatini, where 70 percent of the population lives on 65 cents a day, to talk about luxury car costing half a million dollars is prohibited by a special decree.

The Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland) — a tiny state on the South of the African continent with a size similar to the Kaliningrad oblast. It has no outlet to the sea and borders only South Africa and Mozambique. Eswatini founded a Kingdom in the middle of the eighteenth century, and the final border obtained after the colonial partition of Africa in 1881-m. After the second Boer war in 1903, the Kingdom became a protectorate of the British Empire, and 65 years later gained independence.

Eswatini, is one of the poorest African States, living at the expense of exports of resources, such as sugarcane and on remittances from working in South Africa citizens.

Poverty affects quality of life — almost a third of the population infected with HIV, many people get sick with TB. Eswatini live on average 58 years old. By the way, the retirement age is 60 years.

Remarkable country is the fact that it survived the last on the continent is an absolute monarchy. She gives the king, Eswatini (ngwenyama, “lion”) Mswati III, absolute power both in domestic and in foreign policy. This privilege it enjoys to fame. Unlike the European monarchs, Mswati from infancy accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle and is not ready to abandon it.

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Mswati lucky: of the 250 children from 70 wives of the previous king’s heir chose him. In a long 32 years of the reign of Mswati III had become famous “reformer”. For example, in 2005, he gave the country a Constitution, but nevertheless left the right to appoint the Prime Minister or any senior official. The king controls all three branches of government: his reign is reminiscent of tsarist Russia between 1905 and 1917 — with the only difference that the political parties in Eswatini prohibited.

While abject poverty in the country Mswati III, insanely rich: it counts as $ 200 million. In 2009, Forbes magazine included him in the list of the richest monarchs in the world. Mswati not only has a significant stake in the enterprises of the country, it still receives funds from the state budget for the maintenance of the yard in 2014, he has allocated $ 60 million for family needs. Another source of funds is a “Fund of national welfare” that is paid by all subjects of the Kingdom. Formally, the organization is not owned by Mswati, but he actually manages it.

Well known king and his love of luxury. In April of 2018 for their 50th anniversary Mswati III was presented with a clock of 1.6 million dollars and in a suit encrusted with diamonds. For the anniversary of the monarch of the yard also ordered some luxury BMW 740i at $ 7.5 million for the service of bodyguard.

Loves the king and travel. In 2011, for example, he attended the wedding of Britain’s Prince William, having spent 700 thousand dollars, and in the same year purchased the plane for 17 million. For media questions about the sources of these funds Mswati refused to answer.

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Magnanimous monarch and his 15 wives. In 2012, 10 of the companions of the king went shopping in Las Vegas, where they filmed 10 separate villas, valued at two thousand dollars per day for each. A year later they went to Japan and Australia, spending $ 10 million.

Despite the ostentatious extravagance, like the king’s familiar and uncompromising adherence to his principles. One such fundamental issues for Mswati III is the question of relations with Taiwan. In the face of rising Chinese influence in Africa, Eswatini remains the only country of the continent, which has diplomatic relations with Taipei. Even under the pressure of Beijing Mswati III remains true to the breakaway province and does not intend to concede.