On the slopes North-East of the Kuban about 650 cars stuck in snow traffic

On the slopes North-East of the Kuban about 650 cars stuck in snow traffic

MOSCOW, 1 Dec — RIA Novosti. About 650 vehicles were caught in heavy congestion due to bad weather in Pavlovskiy, Novokubansk, Gulkevichskom areas and in Armavir in the Krasnodar region, said on the website of the regional Central Board MOE.


Earlier it was reported that on Tuesday, the MOE has distributed emergency warning until November 30, the deterioration in the weather due to cold weather, strong winds and heavy rainfall. Rescue services were transferred to high alert mode. Wednesday evening was reported on the suspension due to strong winds, the work of the Kerch ferry crossing. Thursday in connection with hurricane the North-East wind in Novorossiysk was introduced emergency mode.

“As a result of the passage of a complex of the adverse meteorological phenomena on the territory of Krasnodar region (wind, temperature decrease) on the Federal roads were formed snow drifts in four municipalities (Pavlovsky, Novokubansky, Gulkevichsky areas and the city of Armavir)”, — informs the Ministry of emergency situations.

In the Pavlovsky district on the Federal highway “Caucasus” was formed of the snow of congestion, which is near the village of Novoleushkovskaya are about 50 cars. In Novokubansk area and Armavir drifts appeared on five areas of Federal and regional roads, they are “about 400 cars”. In Gulkevichskom area, the report said, because of the congestion in Novokubansk area accumulated about 200 cars.

On highways deployed stationary heating units, organized supply of hot food.

Victims in points of heating no.

To eliminate the effects of snow jams attracted more than 500 people and nearly 250 pieces of equipment.