A dangerous place: in the Kerch Strait faced ships

A dangerous place: in the Kerch Strait faced ships

In the area of the Kerch Strait encountered two ships.


In the Kerch Strait has faced two cargo vessel: one went under the flag, the other of Malta. The incident occurred 15 km from the Crimean bridge. The cause of the incident was the maneuvering that the vehicle was carried out too close to the Maltese vessel. As a result, the propeller of the ship That was snagged on the anchor chain of a ship of Malta. Latest after the incident, was forced to heave to.

Two cargo ship, EN route to Russian and Ukrainian ports faced in the Kerch Strait on November 30, according to NSN. As reported, the Crimean emergency services, the collision occurred 15 kilometers from the Crimean bridge.

According to the site, tracking movement of vehicles in real time, the vessels collided during maneuvers. They both followed from Constanta to the sea of Azov and the expected transit through the Strait. But during manoeuvring, the propeller of the cargo ship Lady Maria, who was under the flag of Togo, caught the anchor chain of another cargo ship Azov Concord sailing under the flag of Malta.

The incident resulted from a Maltese ship was a broken prop blade and the cargo ship from That received minor injuries, reports FAN.

The ship under the flag of Malta was forced to lie to and now awaiting repair. The cargo ship continued to follow its route. Injured in the incident.

As it became known to the Agency, the court did not even signal SOS.

In the last days to the Kerch Strait chained close scrutiny, and it is connected with the incident that occurred there on November 25.

The Ukrainian court “Berdyansk”, “Nikopol” and “Yana Kapu”, as reported in the FSB of Russia illegally invaded Russian territory. The first time it happened that morning, but then the attempt of illegal actions within the territorial waters of Russia, repeated at 19:00.

Court FSB border service and the Russian black sea fleet called the ships of naval forces of Ukraine to immediately stop, but the Ukrainian court has ignored all calls to them. Besides, the Russian Ministry said that the Ukrainian sailors have made dangerous maneuver.