Familiar with Butinai the Chairman of the Central Bank retires

Familiar with Butinai the Chairman of the Central Bank retires

State Secretary, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Alexander Torshin is leaving his post in connection with the retirement, stated in the press release of the regulator. When Torshin will leave from the Central Bank and who will take this position instead of him, is not specified.


Torshin has worked in the Central Bank since January 2015 prior To this, 2001-2015 years.. he was a member of the Federation Council. In early April, Torshin was included in the sanctions list of the United States for freezing the assets of defendants in the U.S. and other restrictions. His name also figured in investigations by the Western media about the arrest in the United States to Russian Maria Butunoi and possible intervention of Russia in election USA.

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Butina, founder of the public organization “Right to arms”, moved to the United States on a student visa in 2016, In July of this year, she was arrested and received charges under two articles: “the conspiracy of the foreign agent without registration” and “working as a foreign agent without registering”.

The FBI suspected a Russian woman in “in the interests of the senior representative of the Russian government, which later occupied a high position in the Bank of Russia”.NewsOrganized the Breakfast, was plotting

The American secret service called her “special assistant” to a senior official. His name was not disclosed, but it was reported that in April 2018 he included in the sanctions list of the USA. Reuters and The Washington Post suggested that this officer could be the Chairman of the Central Bank Torshin. He, along with Butynol, in his own words, is the National rifle Association USA (NRA). Butina pleaded not guilty.

In November 2017, The New York Times wrote that us senators had received information Torshin trying to organize a meeting with Donald trump, then have not yet become U.S. President, Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The meeting was to be held in may 2016, According to the newspaper, the Chairman of the Central Bank with that purpose, met with the son of the American President Donald trump, Jr., however, the issue of the presidential campaign, the parties have not discussed. As evidence, the newspaper cited a letter Torshin one of the members of trump’s entourage, passed in consequence of the senators who are engaged in the question of possible Russian intervention in elections.

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Even Donald trump.

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