The main laws Dec that will affect the lives of Russians

The main laws Dec that will affect the lives of Russians

3 Dec will be the last day to pay taxes on land, transport and real estate. Told about it in advance of the Federal tax service.


In fact, the Federal law from 23.11.2015 N 320-FZ “On amending part two of the Tax code of the Russian Federation” has set another deadline for payment of property taxes (transport, land and property of natural persons) — not later than 1 December. But in 2018, this day falls on a Saturday. And the term is automatically extended until Monday inclusive, that is, until 3 December.

What will happen to those who are late with payment? Their duty will start each day increase due to interest charges. And the longer this goes, the more. Run across the more than 30 thousand rubles, you can not release abroad.

In any case, will have to pay. If this happens the court will have to pay the legal costs and collection of the Federal service of bailiffs.

International drivers will be sent to study

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From December 14 to become fully operational with the new requirements to drivers which are engaged in transportation of people and goods. This is stated in the Order of Ministry of transport of Russia from 28.09.2015 N 287. Begins to act a provision the entry into force of which was postponed for three years. Now drivers of trucks and buses that carry goods and people in countries other than the Russian national driver’s license must have a certificate of professional competence of international automobile carrier. To get it, you must undergo a 36-hour refresher course and pass a written exam, according to the website of the Association of international carriers. The validity of the certificate is five years.

All other items have been working for in 2016. For example, in inter-city traffic, a driver must have a driving license category D (requirement for driving experience and are not presented). If the message is international, then the driver needs to be the right category of D and total work experience in the industry not less than one year. Also during the year, he should not be an administrative punishment (deprivation of rights or arrest). The latter also applies to drivers who transport large and dangerous loads.