Eliminates Rosreestr cadastral Commission assessment

Eliminates Rosreestr cadastral Commission assessment

The head of Rosreestr Victoria Abramchenko in an interview with “Izvestiya” told about the plans of service on the simplification of the activities related to the cadastral evaluation. According to her, the office dissatisfied with existing practice, when the market value of objects is determined by the Commission from officials and one representative of the professional community.


“Citizens often complain: “I Have one value, and similar land across the road is another.” This is because in some cases not taken into account, for example, the presence of guard zones. One neighbor fixed cost through the Commission under the Federal registration service or through the court, the second did not. We propose to eliminate” — said Abramchenko.

In Rosreestr intend to refuse from services and commissions to consider treatment of the owners individually. For this purpose already prepared a draft law providing for the compilation of the individual reports to residential houses and garden plots. In addition, the document proposes to revise the cadastral value of objects on the territory of Russia every four years.

According to the law on appraisal activity, the value of the property can be challenged in court and the Commission on consideration of disputes on results of definition of cadastral cost. The latter exist in all territorial bodies rosreestra. Involving experts from the office of service and branch of the Federal cadastral chamber, as well as representatives of local authorities and the evaluation community.