The blogger showed how the Scorpion looks like under ultraviolet light (video)

The blogger showed how the Scorpion looks like under ultraviolet light (video)

Many hit this video.


Twitter user Taylor Nicole Dean has published in social networks interesting video, which led to the delight of her followers and very quickly became viral.

The girl got out of the big terrarium of the Scorpion and sent him an ultraviolet lamp and underneath the Scorpion began to glow green.

did u know scorpions glow under black light?

— taylor nicole dean (@taylorndean) 25 Nov 2018

By the way, Scorpions can glow not only under ultraviolet but also under the moonlight. The reason for this phenomenon — the presence in the cuticle of a thin layer of shell organic matter called healin. When a Scorpion molts, its shell loses the ability to glow. But, as soon as the new cuticle will harden and get stronger, she will gain the ability to glow.

Your superpowers Scorpions used as bait — on their night glow flying moths, which are fresh dinner these hitreg.

In the comments under the video, many Twitter users noted that it was not aware of such features Scorpions, and expressed his surprise and admiration.

That’s cool yet scary.

— Aman (@amannama_12) 25 Nov 2018

It’s cool and scary at the same time

I did not know that! How cool ???

— Kendall Rae? (@KendallRaeOnYT) 25 Nov 2018

I didn’t know that. Very cool

Damn nature u scary

— M. Huff (@Colin_Emhuff) November 26, 2018.

Nature, you’re scaring


— Irolf (@sadboyfml) November 26, 2018.

Mom, can I take home a Scorpion?

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