The prospective provider “Embassy of cocaine,” said the pressure of the FSB

The prospective provider “Embassy of cocaine,” said the pressure of the FSB

A suspect in arranging the supply of cocaine from Argentina to Russia Andrei Kovalchuk told the court about the pressure of the FSB. On Tuesday, November 27, reports “Rain”.


According to Kovalchuk, the security officers come to him every week and demand to give evidence at the foreign Ministry staff. “They yell obscenities good and need to testify — the fact that they are employees of the foreign Ministry, the fact that Turks and Arabs cocaine were taken”, — he said.

The court extended Kovalchuk arrest until March. The suspect pleaded not guilty in drug smuggling and stated that never had relations to the sale of a controlled substance. He and his lawyer objected to the extension of arrest: according to counsel, the crime occurred on the territory rented by schools, which is not within the jurisdiction of Russia, and Kovalchuk is not a citizen of the country.

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“So, we had no right to demand his extradition to judge him. There is no objective side of the crime. But the COP just asks to close the hearing, so nobody will find out” — said at the meeting, the lawyer.

The investigation into the “cocaine business” was launched in December 2016 after the school at the Russian Embassy in Argentina found 12 suspicious suitcases with 362 pounds of pure cocaine. For controlled delivery, it was replaced with flour and sent to the Russian diplomatic flight.