How fun the daughter of Peter I, when the Russians took Berlin

How fun the daughter of Peter I, when the Russians took Berlin

“” continues a series of articles on the feasts of the rulers during the grueling wars and other serious crises.


Last time we talked about how feasted kings, impostors and their followers in the time of Troubles, when the country had suffered greatly from hunger, which before did not know Russia. This time we will talk about how feasted daughter of Peter the great, Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, when Russian fought in the Seven years war and first came to Berlin.

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“The beauty and wealth of decoration involuntarily struck us (…) Then there were over 400 ladies. All beauties in expensive suits, diamond-studded. Suddenly all the curtains at once fell, and daylight was replaced by the gloss of 1.2 thousand candles reflected on all sides in the numerous mirrors. Thundered the orchestra of 80 musicians. Suddenly the door swung open, and left the Empress, surrounded by their courtiers,” was described by foreign diplomats one of the methods of the Russian Empress Elizabeth Petrovna.

After that, they went into a large and richly decorated room. In the centre stood a table for 400 people. “Was the food of all the possible countries in Europe, and served German and Italian waiters,” said they.

On the table was a huge silver vase, pyramid of confectionery. In the middle of the table — the fountains of wine, colored water and champagne. Sometimes the tables had up to 80 different dishes.

Some of them were fanciful, and even some strange name: “moose lips”, “bull eye sauce in the morning when I Wake up”. For these dinners, “day and night carried the fruits from Astrakhan”, “cancers” from Ukraine, oysters from Kronstadt, from Strasbourg every day, send fresh pies.

“Funny Queen”

Elizabeth had spent hours with pencil in hand, thinking over events, and making lists of invitees. It was she who introduced the fashion to serve among a night of fun not only cold drinks and ice creams and hot soups, to help the knights and ladies to eat.

In regard to the organization of events, she controlled everything, paying special attention to ladies light sweet wines and liqueurs. Typically, the balls are invited to come at six o’clock in the evening, and then danced, played cards. Ten hours with a selection of its faces, the Empress had gone to eat. They sat down at the table. After that, the hall invited other guests who were eating standing up. After having a bite removed from the room.

For the great love feasts Queen Elizabeth even appointed the chief cook salary of 800 rubles, which at the time was a huge sum.

The decoration of the tables was a real work of art. Each set corresponded to a specific set of drinks. On the white linen tablecloths were beautiful compositions of flowers and fruit. The tables were decorated magnificently regardless, dined whether the Empress in a small circle or with guests. Usually on the table was from 17 to 30 devices.

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Close to the Empress told me that she loved French cuisine, but complained and Russian dishes. It was thought that to greasy dishes — soup, buckwheat porridge, pie and pork is the daughter of Peter the great taught Razumovsky. At court there were rumors that carnival it in one sitting could eat “two dozen pancakes.”

This love for food could not affect her figure: she looked a little plump. However, then it is not considered something terrible: much more important was not the waist, and a beautiful complexion.