What can help in space samurai sword

What can help in space samurai sword

Flying through the Solar system messenger of humanity with samurai item on Board will connect Japan’s history with its future.


Run to the asteroid samurai with a sword? Not quite enough to be a sword, or rather, the probe tip from the legendary Japanese tamahagane steel, which was made famous samurai swords, katana.

Actually, the problem with scientists is that an asteroid is very difficult to otkolupyvat at least a piece of the breed, then to bring to Earth for study.

Such samples are very important for understanding the evolution of the Solar system and the universe, but to get them extremely problematic.

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Asteroids wandering in the space of millions of years, the surface burned space cold and solar radiation — you can imagine how hard it is.

In the canister of the probe in such cases is only a stone dust, which, of course, too bad, but still a scientist I would like more.

Samurai to the rescue

Samurai swords of special steel, forged in Japan for centuries and is famous for its ability to cut anything.

The Internet is full of videos, where the katana sword cut everything from thick wooden boards to steel pipes.

Three aerospace engineers who decided to join forces with the Japanese master of traditional wrought swords of steel, tamahagane, deciding that the bit of a steel to scrape the surface of any asteroid.

A few words about the history of the issue. Spacecraft “Hayabusa-2” Japanese aerospace exploration Agency (JAXA) was sent to the asteroid Ryugu rotating around the Sun in an orbit between Earth and Mars, and this year has sent stunning pictures of the black rocky surface of a celestial body.

However, to deliver to Earth soil samples is much more difficult, so scientists come up with solutions to this extraordinary problem.

There is already a scientific report about the experiments conducted by the team among the members of which 70-year-old master of steel and the blacksmith Genroxbro Matsunaga and scientist Takeo Watanabe from the Technological Institute of Tokyo.