Tender is the night. How easy it is to fall asleep and sleep soundly

Tender is the night. How easy it is to fall asleep and sleep soundly

Statistics says that every third person has problems with sleep. One prevent anxiety and care for others — taking certain types of drugs, and the third any disease.


Lack of sleep leads to deterioration of health of the person becomes the reason they purchase certain chronic diseases, affects the psychological state. About why it can cause insomnia and how to fight it, Aify told clinical neuropsychologist Irina Khvingia.


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Insomnia often occurs as a symptom of discomfort. Usually, we are talking about different diseases that give discomfort in the body. Often these abnormalities may be psychosomatic. Due to painful sensations in the body, which can develop on their background, people can’t sleep and often wakes up during the night. Also, sleep problems can develop as a side effect of certain drugs, especially if we are talking about funds from neurological disorders. A special place is insomnia on the background of different emotional experiences. And not necessarily that it will always be events with the sign “minus” from joy insomnia occurs even more often than against the background of negative emotional experiences.

Another cause of insomnia is a violation of adaptive functions in the autonomic system. In this case, violates the synthesis of melatonin (the main sleep hormone). The most common problems in this situation are the difficulties to fall asleep on the background of constant sleepiness and light sleep.

Struggle with insomnia

To begin to deal with insomnia it is necessary to determine the causes of its development and appearance. It depends on the success. Next, you should determine how serious this condition is and what consequences it can entail. All this must be done by the doctor.

To try to combat sleep problems is not necessary, because the wrong drugs can only worsen the situation.

If we are talking about the psychological reasons for sleep problems, some pills will not be enough. Any drug against stress and anxiety affects exclusively on the symptom, not the cause. So, it is necessary only to reverse the technique as insomnia immediately comes back again.


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There are situations where you still have to resort to self-medication. For example, if a person is to be a long road, and the doctor to visit, he can not and has not slept for three days, can be used as emergency pills to sleep. But after important Affairs and on his return it is necessary to see a specialist to carry out all necessary tests to determine the cause and begin treatment of the problem.

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