Leading the program “Time” has told about the freedom of speech on the First channel

Leading the program “Time” has told about the freedom of speech on the First channel

Deputy Director of the First channel and host of “Time” Kirill Kleimenov said about freedom of speech on television. He reported about it in interview to the edition “Chinareport”.


According to kleimenova, he is allowed to speak in their own almost everything that he sees fit. However, in some situations the journalist has to warn the user about what’s being said on the air.

Well, of course, we have no one to ask permission to voice their opinion. During my management, including the spring cycle of the ether never faced so called “yellow phone” and told us: “something you know, you have gone too far!”Kirill Kleimenov

He also added that sometimes mentions “common points” with the General Director of channel one Konstantin Ernst, if we are talking about material “on the verge of a foul”.

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Kleimenov remembered a recent broadcast, in which he mockingly replied to the abusive tirade of the father of the football player Pavel Mamaev. The journalist choked out some words to the audience the impression that the presenter also mothers.

“It was a provocation, which for sure worked! Who owns the ability to decode text at the articulation, knows exactly what the Mat was not. But it was the answer with which I now subscribe, even after all the hype that went up, and that we expected, including even the most strident assessment,” — said TV presenter.

Earlier Kleimenov in the First channel unexpectedly supported the Director Kirill Serebrennikov, who is under investigation in the case of the “Seventh Studio”. The broadcaster said that the fate of the artist in Russia is dramatic.