Golodets told about the “horrific” damage to Repin’s painting “Ivan the terrible”

Golodets told about the “horrific” damage to Repin’s painting “Ivan the terrible”

Moscow. 23 Nov. INTERFAX.RU the timing of the completion of the restoration of the victim as a result of the vandalism of the painting “Ivan the terrible kills his son” is still unknown due to the complex nature of the work, but her recovery will be completed, said Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Olga Golodets.


“The act of vandalism was appalling in its depth, and the restorers have not given the exact date when she’ll be back,” she told reporters.

However, she answered negatively to the question, does this mean that the restoration of the paintings will take years.

“The results of the confidence is there, but needs very careful and painstaking work,” — said Golodets.

Vice Prime Minister noted that by financing the restoration of paintings has managed to attract private investors, and public funds is not required.

The attack on the painting

The evening of may 25 in the Tretyakov gallery, was detained a man who a metal bar fence broke the glass of the painting of Ilya Repin “Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan November 16, 1581” and damaged the canvas.

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The painting was severely damaged, it is removed from the permanent exhibition and transferred to the restoration workshop of the Museum. “The canvas is broken in three places in the Central part of the work on the figure of the Prince. From falling glass was badly damaged art frame. By happy coincidence, the most valuable — the images of the faces and hands of the king and the Prince — was hurt,” said “Interfax” in the state Tretyakov gallery. The damage to “Tretyakov gallery”, is estimated at more than 500 thousand rubles.

Attacked Repin appeared 37-summer Igor Podporin — a native of Dagestan, who came to Moscow from Voronezh region.