Experts cleaned out of Runet hundreds of communities that promote “shaping”

Experts cleaned out of Runet hundreds of communities that promote “shaping”

Roskomnadzor cleared out of Runet hundreds of communities and information about the “shaping” dangerous craze of Teens who for the most part are dying, according to the Central suburban passenger company.


Rospotrebnadzor experts have recognized the propaganda of “shaping” a form of suicidal behavior, as such information is aimed at causing bodily harm. Because “advertising” in adolescents is also reduced fear of a dangerous hobby.

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“From 2016 the monitoring of the Central suburban passenger company had identified more than 330 such groups and communities in social networks. At the moment access is restricted to administrations sites at the request of Roscomnadzor, on the basis of expert conclusions of Rospotrebnadzor. The blockage was subjected to as a newly created community and other identified groups”, — stated in the message.

Blocked such groups within 1-3 days from the time of detection. In addition, information about the shaping has been removed by the administrators of resources of the 387 groups and communities on the basis of the decisions of the courts.

“The problem of involving adolescents in “trainsurfing”, “shaping” is an acute problem in the first place due to the fact that this activity is extremely dangerous, and has a very high risk of trauma and the death of a teenager”, — said the candidate of psychological Sciences, scientific head of center of assistance to development of children and adolescents “Perekrestok” Cyril Hlamov.