Dolce & Gabbana apologized to the Chinese language after racist scandal

Dolce & Gabbana apologized to the Chinese language after racist scandal

BEIJING, November 23 — RIA Novosti. Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana apologized to the Chinese after world-famous brand Dolce&Gabbana has accused China of racism and sexism.


Previously, Dolce&Gabbana appeared in the scandal center because of the commercials a fashion show in Shanghai and reviews claiming to be from one of the founders of the brand. The company was accused of racism and sexism, and the show had to be cancelled.

In the released video on the official page of the brand in the social network Weibo designers speak Italian, and at the end of treatment apologize in Chinese.

Countless visits to China made us even stronger to love Chinese culture. Of course, we also still have much to learn. We must apologize for mistakes made.Domenico Dancefantasy designer

Gabbana in turn, said that they “will never forget this experience and this lesson.” “Like that will ever happen. However, we’ll do our best to better understand and respect the culture of China. In conclusion, we sincerely with all my heart apologize to you,” said Gabbana.

“Sorry,” said a chorus of Italian designers in the Chinese language.

Scandal Dolce&Gabbana flared up when the official accounts of the brand in social networks was published video that the Chinese model eating with chopsticks Italian dishes — pizza, pasta and cannoli, while the male voice gives her advice on how to cope better with a challenge, “playing on double meanings.”

Amid ongoing scandal, China’s largest online trading platform has removed from sale the products of the brand. Currently a search for his name on platforms Taobao, Tmall and JD displays a message “nothing found”.