AP: trump allowed the military to open fire on the border with Mexico

AP: trump allowed the military to open fire on the border with Mexico

TASS, November 22. The US President Donald trump said that he gave permission to the military on the border with Mexico if necessary to open fire on defeat. This was announced on Thursday the Agency Associated Press (AP), citing the briefing of the President.

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The President also noted that the US can close the border with Mexico for an indefinite period in the case if the administration decides that Mexico lost control of the situation with the “caravan of migrants”. “We will close the entry into the country throughout the border [with Mexico], if you decide that the situation is out of control,” he said.

Previously, the newspaper the Military Times, citing its sources in the Washington administration announced that the White house has allowed to be placed on the border with Mexico, American troops to use force to protect customs officers against possible attacks by migrants.

According to them, a decree which expands the powers of the military, in particular allowing them to “demonstrate or to use force (including deadly, if necessary) to suppress riots, to carry out a temporary detention and screening” of migrants in order to protect the customs officials, was signed late on Tuesday evening, the chief of staff of the White house staff, John Kelly, not President of the United States Donald trump. Later, the head of the Pentagon, James Mattis, confirmed the information that is posted on the border with Mexico, American troops received the right to use weapons to protect customs officers from possible attacks on the part of migrants, but stressed that at present they are not armed.

Mattis also said that now the military is only to provide support to the employees of the customs service.

Earlier, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Mexico said that in the cities of Tijuana and Mexicali, in the border with USA and Baja California North there are about 5,6 thousand migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. 18 Oct trump said that he would appeal to the military and close the southern border of the United States, if the Mexican authorities will not stop running through their country, the flow of illegal immigrants from Central America seeking to enter the United States. He also accused the authorities of Latin American countries in inaction in relation to illegal immigration of its citizens in the United States.