Named the worst disney cartoon of all time

Named the worst disney cartoon of all time

The portal Collider has compiled a ranking of all animated films Disney. The worst cartoon is recognized as “Chicken little” in 2005.


Critics noted that the film was quickly forgotten after the release of “empty” plot. “Chicken little” took the lowest, 57-th place in the rating. Followed by “Fox and hound” in 1981. 55-th place got the picture “do Not beat a hoof”, released in 2004.

The newsFound a lost Walt Disney cartoon

The best band in the list was the cartoon “Pinocchio” in 1940. The picture is the first adaptation of Carlo Collodi tale “the adventures of Pinocchio. The story wooden doll” in 1881, while significantly departing from the original. The producer of the cartoon was made by Walt Disney. “Pinocchio” won two awards “Oscar” — for best song (“when shall rise a star”) and best original soundtrack.

The second place — “Sleeping beauty” 1959. Third place went to the animated film “Fantasia.” In the top 10 also included the cartoon “Bambi,” “Beauty and the Beast”, “Dumbo”, “lion King,” “Peter pan”, “Moana” and “Snow white and the seven dwarfs”.