Volodin has opposed the allocation of hospitality expenses

Volodin has opposed the allocation of hospitality expenses

MOSCOW, 29 Sep — RIA Novosti. Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin does not support the allocation of expenses to the members of the lower house. So he responded to the statement of his colleagues of Faith Ghanzi, saying that it lacks parliamentary salary 380 thousand rubles.


She explained that “because hospitality is not, then this salary remains nothing”.

According to the Chairman of the state Duma, for the solution of point problems, problems of individual village or city there are state programs, national projects.

He stressed that the MP should ensure that these programs and projects included issues of interest to voters.

As an example, he, in particular, has led the development of medicine, construction of schools, rural development, road maintenance and infrastructure.

Volodin added that the deputies can and should defend the interests of their constituents in the discussion of these issues at meetings in the state Duma, committees, tripartite Commission on interbudgetary relations.

He also noted that the deputies have the opportunity to initiate investment, charitable projects.

Regarding the creation of special funds or of allocation of representational funds, Volodin indicated that the lower house MPs are elected as single-mandate constituencies and on party lists from a large number of regions. He stressed that, firstly, such proposals come into conflict with the status of Deputy of the state Duma, so as to manage these structures is necessary to create a Directorate, and it is belong to the competence of Executive authorities, business structures.