Trump: Venezuela is “a mess and it must be removed”

Trump: Venezuela is “a mess and it must be removed”

WASHINGTON, September 28. /TASS/. The US President Donald trump called Venezuela a “mess” that “need to clean”. With these words he spoke Friday in the White house before meeting with Chilean President Sebastian Pinera.


“We will discuss Venezuela. Venezuela is a mess and needs clean up, need to take care of the people (Republic),” said trump.

Answering the journalists ‘ question whether he is going to meet with President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, the us leader said: “I know he wants to meet. Let’s see what happens.”

Earlier, Maduro spoke about his willingness to meet with the head of the White house and expressed hope that this meeting will bring positive results. On Wednesday, the US President said he was willing to meet with Venezuelan leader if he would ask. Trump also reiterated that the United States consider all possible options to resolve the situation in the Republic.

In recent years, Venezuela is going through an acute socio-economic crisis, accompanied by hyperinflation, devaluation of the national currency and a shortage of essential commodities and medicines. The difficult situation has forced many citizens to leave the country. According to the UN, by June from the Republic left about 2.3 million people, mostly in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil.

The situation escalated on the background of mass unrest in 2017 / early 2018 and the presidential election, which was won by Maduro. The President will have a lot of opposition — on August 4, he was assassinated.