Spanish town has started a massive weight loss

Spanish town has started a massive weight loss

Power of the Spanish town of Narón announced massive weight loss: by 2020 its people should lose a total of 100 thousand pounds. This was reported by news portal the Local.


In total, the city located in the Autonomous community of Galicia, home to around 40 thousand people. Nine thousand of them are overweight, and three thousand are suffering from severe obesity problems. The project was joined by four thousand men, every tenth resident of the city.

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One of the masterminds of the program, a 63-year-old family doctor Carlos Pinheiro (Carlos Piñeiro), several times a week holds for locals gymnastics in the Park in the fresh air. 65-year-old crane operator Conrado Vilela, Viamar (Conrado Vilela Villamar) regularly comes to class. “In Spain there is a saying that a pig can be eaten whole from tip of tail to snout. First and foremost, I refuse giblets, pork belly and meats,” he says.

To attract attention to the project, the mayor and her aides have publicly weighed in on the Central area of Narona on the largest scales.

In the framework of the program of the doctor are free to the residents personal nutrition plan and workouts. Program participants regularly come to weigh in at the medical institutions of the city. 18 restaurants in Naron changed their menu and include more healthy, low-calorie seafood dishes.

“I go together with friends, including 80-year-old woman who relies on my hand. In March I weighed 82 kilos and now 70,” — said the 55-year-old Maria Teresa Rodriguez (Maria Teresa Rodriguez).

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The program operates in schools. During recess the teachers walk with students along the coast. During the school day students are allocated an hour for exercise. Less active teachers are encouraged to work out on exercise bikes in the program with the slogan: “pedaling while reading”. In the morning the pupils handed out free fruit. At the same time, the problem of excess weight not spoken with them directly for more complete children are not teased.

Pinheiro expressed the hope that the new generation will grow up more healthy because “adults are not always ready to listen to the recommendations”.