Media: Japanese scientists have figured out how to survive the universe

Media: Japanese scientists have figured out how to survive the universe

TOKYO, September 28. Scientists from the University of Tokyo and National astronomical Observatory of Japan conducted research and built forecast how much time will be able to survive the universe. This was reported by the newspaper Asahi Shimbun.


They studied 10 million galaxies with super telescope in Hawaii, as well as the effect of gravitational lensing and the behaviour of dark energy and dark matter in outer space. Based on these data and the Theory of the big explosion, the Japanese experts generally agreed with earlier findings of their colleagues on the expansion of the Universe due to dark matter that constitutes about 95% of its composition, however, in their opinion, the growth in reality is not as fast as expected.

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In accordance with the most popular hypothesis, the end of the Universe will come as a result of its excessive growth, which in turn will lead to breaking all of its components, including the stars, to atoms.

On this basis, scientists have calculated the approximate time until the beginning of this process, and it amounted to about 140 billion years, which is 10 times the current age of the Universe.

“We hope to continue to explore other galaxies, to spend even more accurate calculations. We also, of course, want to know what happens when dark matter will grow to such an extent that come the end, who promise us the theoretical assumptions,” said Professor Take Hikage.