In Barcelona the crowd was decorated with the police

In Barcelona the crowd was decorated with the police

The guards came to March in support of police actions during the “referendum on the recognition of the independence of Catalonia”.


In Barcelona, the crowd threw colored paints police officers that came to the parade. This footage was shown Spanish TV channel “24 hours”. A procession of security officials was held in support of police actions on recognized the illegal referendum on the independence of Catalonia.

The clashes between independence supporters and the police, the police arrested six people, 24 people were injured.

According to doctors, 19 of them help was provided on the spot. The condition of one person is estimated as average weight. On a place of events was visited by a journalist from Barcelona Dmitry kozhurin:

“About 300-400 thousand Spanish policemen guard “urban”, that is, from the national police arrived on the weekend specially to the Catalan capital to organize a March. It was dedicated directly to the events of the previous year, when he held an illegal referendum on independence for the region, and, secondly, of course, to demand higher wages in the background. The action was certainly provocative. Then the police came to your parade. Thousands of supporters of the independence of the region met them. They pelted police Indian bright colors. And police cars and police themselves looked rather like the masquerade.”

Law enforcement officers behaved not very adequate. There have been several cases of violence against the protesters. Some were pulled from the crowd. A few people I have seen beaten with batons. Dmitry kozhurin, a journalist from Barcelona

So-called “referendum on the independence of Catalonia”, which was attended by 43% of the population, and most were for separation from Spain, took place on 1 October 2017. The police then tried to prevent a vote, acting tough practices. The government of Spain and the constitutional court declared the referendum illegal and imposed the autonomy to direct rule, suspending the local authorities. In relation to the former management filed criminal charges, including on charges of organizing an uprising and rebellion.