In a British nightclub was sprayed with an unknown substance, write media

In a British nightclub was sprayed with an unknown substance, write media

MOSCOW, 29 Sep — RIA Novosti. In a nightclub Cameo in the British city of Bournemouth sprayed an unknown substance, suffered at least 40 visitors, reports the Daily Mirror.


People complained about breathing problems, cough and pain in the eyes. They got help arrived on the scene the paramedics.

Law enforcement officers believe that the club sprayed “some kind of substance irritant CS is possible (the so-called gas “lilac”. — Approx. ed.)”.

Police seem to have cordoned off an area outside Cameo and speaking to clubbers, no one seems to know exactly what’s happened but there is a very large emergency presence

— Josh Wilde (@josh_wilde20) 29 Sep 2018.

All visitors urgently evacuated. The exact number of people who were in the club, is not specified, but we know that this night there was a planned event, which has sold about three thousand tickets.

At the scene working police officers and paramedics. According to police, one person was taken to hospital “as a preventive measure”.

Police also checked out the club and found no trace of harmful chemical or toxic substances which may pose a threat to people.

Many Police and paramedics in attendance still tending to late night clubbers. One guy told me it was instantaneous and a crowd dispelled after an unknown substance was released. He has been given the all clear by emergency services on the scene but many still being seen to

— Josh Wilde (@josh_wilde20) 29 Sep 2018.