Hillary Clinton played a role in a Comedy series

Hillary Clinton played a role in a Comedy series

Former U.S. Secretary of state and candidate for the presidential election of 2016, Hillary Clinton starred in one episode of the American Comedy series “Murphy brown.” According to Variety, Clinton played the role of his own double.


In the story the heroine Clinton comes on television to get the position of Secretary. Other characters have noted the resemblance of the heroine with the former Secretary of state, and the woman complains that it is constantly confused with the famous politician, although her name is spelled with one letter “l” — Hillary Clinton.

Moreover, before the heroine “worked as a Secretary in a very large organization” and has “experience with electronic mail” — a reference to the scandal over hacking into a personal email server Clinton for Secretary of state in 2009-2013.

The scandal erupted during the presidential race in 2016. Clinton was criticized for using a private mail server for official correspondence. As the media reported in late August, the server was hacked by a Chinese company in the framework of intelligence operations.